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Instek GSP-830
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The newly announced 9kHz - 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer, GSP-830, inherits advantages of high performance, low cost, easy to use and varied portability. With GW Instek state-of-the-art design, GSP-830's outstanding noise floor level, -152dBm/Hz and -162dBm/Hz with GAP-801 preamplifier, presents extreme sensitivity for picking up weak signals. Thru Auto Sequence mode, professionals can define their own macros in 10 Sequence sets while additional Pause, Repeat or Single run mode can be selected for different applications. Further advanced features, as Auto Set, Split window, Power measurements, Pass/Fail, all make GSP-830 an ideal solution when it comes to spectrum analysis. The vast and advanced interfaces, as USB host/device, RS-232C, VGA, and GPIB (optional), make print-out, remote control and monitoring, as well as data transactions possible.

Key Features:
  • Low noise floor (-117dBm @1GHz, 3k RBW)
  • Autoset function
  • Sequence programming functions
  • ACPR, OCBW, Channel Power, N-dB measurements
  • Pass/Fail test with Limit Line editing
  • 10 markers with Marker, Peak functions
  • Split windows allowed separate settings
  • AC/DC/Battery multi-mode power operation
  • USB/RS232/GPIB(optional) interface
  • Direct VGA output
  • 6.4" TFT color LCD, resolution: 640x480
  • Compact size, 330(W) x 170(H) x 340(D) mm
  • Light weight of 4.8kg without options
  • Optional Tracking Generator
  • Optional Preamplifier

See Spec Sheet for Additional Information
  • Fabricantes: Instek
  • Modelo: GSP-830
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