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Agilent 33220A
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HP/Agilent 33220A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 20 MHz
  • 20 MHz Sine and Square waveforms
  • 5 MHz pulse waveforms with variable rise/fall times
  • Pulse, Ramp, Triangle, Noise, and DC waveforms
  • 14-bit, 50 MSa/s, 64 K-point Arbitrary waveforms
  • AM, FM, PM, FSK, and PWM modulation types
  • Linear & logarithmic sweeps and burst operation
  • 10 mVpp to 10 Vpp amplitude range
  • Graphical display mode for visual verification of signal settings
  • Connect via USB, GPIB and LAN
The 33220A function generator offers 11 standard waveforms plus pulse and arbitrary waveforms - it is the most frequency stable and lowest distortion function generator in its class.
  • 33220A-001 10 MHz External Timebase Option
  • 33220A-1CM Rackmount Kit
  • 33220A-1CN Lock Link Kit
  • 33220A-A6J Certificate of calibration - ANSI/NCSL Z540, printed
  • 33220A-PLG Continental European power cord - ONLY FOR EU DISTR W MULT PWR CORD STANDARDS
  • Fabricantes: Agilent
  • Modelo: 33220A
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