Spectrum Analyzers : Agilent-Keysight 8565E-006

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Agilent 8565E-006
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The Agilent 8565E portable millimeter spectrum analyzer offers the measurement capability and performance previously found in larger, more expensive benchtop analyzers. You can measure signals from 30 Hz to 50 GHz (preselected above 2.75 GHz) with a single coaxial connection.

The Agilent 8565E combines outstanding phase noise, sensitivity, 1 Hz resolution bandwidths, synthesized tuning and wide dynamic range in a MIL-rugged package built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It offers a complete solution for adjacent-channel power (ACP) testing of burst carrier signals using digital modulation, and the ability to measure occupied bandwidth percentage.

006 -Frequency coverage down to 30Hz
  • Fabricantes: Agilent
  • Modelo: 8565E-006
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