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Optical Power Sensor Module, 800-1700nm

The Agilent 81634B optical power sensor is the right choice for accurate power measurements on fiberoptic devices. The modular sensor fits into all Agilent 816x Lightwave mainframes and can be used singly or in multiples for parallel measurements of multichannel devices. The output fiber is easily attached using Agilent's flexible connector adapters or bare-fiber adapter

The module can run measurement applications like data logging, stability and recording minimum and maximum values over time. Triggered synchronization with tunable laser modules enables powerful spectral measurements, with the advantages of higher resolution, better polarization dependence and cost-and-time-efficient multichannel expandability. The module logs up to 20,000 samples with averaging time as low as 100micro s.

    * Low polarization dependence of <+/- 0.005dB * High sensitivity of -110dBm * Traceable to NIST and PTB * Thermally stabilized (cooled) and hermetically sealed detector with glass window * Comprehensive sampling and triggering concept (hardware trigger lines, filtering, event trigger, hardware timer, analog output)
    * Low uncertainty in Power and PDL leaves you higher test margins for your components * The traceability gives you the certainty of measurements referenced to internationally accepted standards * The optical detector design enables consistent measurement results independent of ambient environment inluences like humidity, dust and temperature * The comprehensive hardware and trigger concept gives you the flexibility to adapt the power meter to changing test needs

  • Fabricantes: Agilent
  • Modelo: 81634B
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