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Datron 1081
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Datron 1081 Digital Multimeter

The 1081 Digital Multimeter is a (AUTOCAL STANDARD) microprocessor-controlled digital multimeter. It is a precision measuring instrument. The 1081 provides full measurement capabilities, computation facilities, self check routines and calibration memory. The AUTOCAL INSTRUMENT was designed to make the removal of cover for calibration unnecessary, as full calibration ranges and functions can be completed from the front panel. Standard items include resistance-temperature, true RMS AC voltage, DC coupled true RMS AC voltage, and ratio %.

010 - True RMS AC Converter
020 - 4-Wire Resistance Measurement
030 - DC and RMS AC Current Converter (Requires option 010)
040 - Rear Input/Ratio Input
050 - IEEE 488 Interface
052 - External Trigger
070 - Analog Output
080 - 115V 60Hz Line Operation
081 - 115V 50Hz Line Operation
082 - 115V 400Hz Line Operation
090 - Rack Mounting Kit
  • Fabricantes: Datron
  • Modelo: 1081
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