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This JDSU daily drive test solution (formerly branded as Agilent) is configured as follows:

W1314B-E19 Multi-band Receiver/Scanner
E6473B-930 Drive Test Back-Pack with USB Hub & Battery Charging Power Harness
E6474A-010 Multiple Phone Software
E6474A-040 MapX Mapping Software License
E6474A-050 Receiver Addition to Phone Measurements License
E6474A-101 CDMA2000 Phone Measurement Software
E6474A-137 EVDO Rev A Phone Upgrade
E6474A-640 LTE Phone Measurements License for QUALCOMM
E6474A-645 LTE Receiver Measurements License
E6474A-646 LTE TDD Receiver Measurements License
  • Fabricantes: JDSU
  • Modelo: W1314B
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