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Multi SDI Waveform Monitor

The LV5490 and the LV5480 are two waveform monitors that can support 4K video signals. They can display up to four channels of 3G-SDI input signals simultaneously. There are four dedicated input connectors with cable length measurement capability, and four additional connectors can be configured as inputs or outputs, making a total of eight inputs, if needed. The built-in 9-inch LCD monitor is Full HD (1920 x 1080) with wide viewing angle and high color reproduction.

  • The LV5480 can analyze and process 4K signals with the installation of a software code. Other 4K capabilities, such as 4K/HD Pattern Generator and CIE1976/1931 Color Chart can also be easily installed through software codes.
    • Fabricantes: Leader
    • Modelo: LV5480
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