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Agilent 86140B
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The Keysight 86140B is a benchtop optical spectrum analyzer for 50 GHz applications. The 86140B maintains most of the higher performance characteristics of the 86142B/86145B models while providing measurement solutions at value prices. With the 86140B you can quickly, easily and accurately characterize 50 GHz and wider WDM systems, optical sources and broadband components with its enhanced marker functionality, integrated power measurement capability and fast sweep speed.

  • Built-in test applications
  • 10 pm wavelength accuracy
  • Fast dual-sweep method
  • Covers S, C, and L wavelength bands

001 - Internal programmable current source
002 - Internal white light source
004 - 1300 / 1500nm internal EELED source
005 - 1550nm internal EELED source
006 - Internal wavelength calibrator
030 - 10 db external attenuator with non-angled FC/PC connectors
050 - No optical sources
051 - No calibrator
1CN - Handle kit
AB2 - Chinese operation manual (Traditional - Taiwan)
AX4 - Rack mount kit without handles
AXE - Rack flange kit with handle
  • Fabricantes: Agilent
  • Modelo: 86140B
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