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The JDS Uniphase Polarization Dependent Loss Multimeters are the fastest and most accurate optical multimeters available. They measure polarisation dependent loss (PDL) of single-mode fibreoptic components using either an internal laser or an external source. The multimeters measure the loss of a device under test for four independent input polarisation states. The PDL and the average loss over all polarisation states are calculated using the Mueller matrix, internationally standardized under IEC (613)00-3-12.

The multimeters easily and rapidly change from measuring PDL and insertion loss (IL) to measuring return loss (RL) or power. The PDL and IL are measured and displayed simultaneously in less than two seconds.The multimeters have a sophisticated optical design that compensates for changes in optical power at the internal reference detector. The design ensures accurate loss measurements regardless of drift in the source power or the coupling efficiency of the input light through the polarisation state controller. The integrated PDL standard source is particularly convenient for verifying the meter's calibration. An external tunable laser or two fixed laser sources can be selected for various wavelength measurements. The multimeters are ideal for PDL-sensitive components, such as isolators, DWDMs, fibre Bragg gratings (FBGs), optical circulators, switches, attenuators, couplers, and other devices for which high test accuracy and optimum production speed are crucial.
  • Fabricantes: JDSU
  • Modelo: PS3050
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