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Fluke 9144-B-P-256
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The new 914X Series Field Metrology Wells extend high performance to the industrial process environment by maximizing portability, speed, and functionality with little compromise to metrology performance.

Field Metrology Wells are packed with functionality and are remarkably easy to use. They are lightweight, small, and quick to reach temperature set points, yet they are stable, uniform, and accurate. These industrial temperature loop calibrators are perfect for performing transmitter loop calibrations, comparison calibrations, or simple checks of thermocouple sensors. With the process option, there is no need to carry additional tools into the field. This optional built-in two-channel readout reads resistance, voltage, and 4-20 mA current with 24 volt loop power. It also has on-board automation and documentation. Combined, the three models (9142, 9143, and 9144 each with a process option) cover the wide range of 25 C to 660 C.
  • Fabricantes: Fluke
  • Modelo: 9144-B-P-256
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