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Eagle Eye BTM-100C
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The Eagle Eye BTM-Series Battery Temperature / Thermal Runaway Monitor is a dependable low-cost solution to protecting stationary batteries against over-temperature and thermal runaway conditions. Individual sensors are quickly and securely attached to each battery jar and connected in series from the main unit. Each thermal sensor is sealed to an IP68 rated-enclosure (water, gas and dust proof) and the provided special gel-filled connectors are also sealed against acid ingress, dust, and gasses.

The alarm relays are 'fail-safe', meaning the user will always get an indication of supply failure. Several batteries in the vicinity of each other may be connected in series to the same monitor. In the event of one or more jars exceeding critical temperature, or a break in sensor circuit, the monitor warning relay activates and the warming LED on the monitor is illuminated. Also, at the same time, an LED flashes on the sensor attached to the over-temperature battery jar, indicating the source of the fault. Should more than 6 jars exceed critical temperature, the system critical alarm relay activates - warning of a serious situation in the battery as a whole. The microprocessor utilized by the BTM-Series updates change in conditions every four seconds.

Low cost monitor for thermal runaway detection
Monitors individual unit temperatures for thermal runaway conditions
Ensures compliance with US IFC608.3
Simple fail-safe change-over relay alarm interfaces (2)
Bright LEDs pinpoint individual overtemperature jars
Fast one-wire acid and gas tight IDC connections
Sensor circuit break detection
Alarm on power supply failure (fail-safe)
  • Fabricantes: Eagle Eye
  • Modelo: BTM-100C
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