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Advantest U3661-20-72
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Microwave Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz

The U3661 is a microwave spectrum analyzer with the measurement frequency range expanded to 26.5GHz as well as the inherited features of the U3641 including the compact body, and battery operation.
It has the weight and performance ideal for field as an indispensable instrument for maintenance inspection of microwave communication facilities.
This portable analyzer provides enhanced basic performance with high-precision, high-stability measurements, a minimum sweep width of 1kHz by means of a synthesized local oscillator, and time domain measurements utilizing 50 Micros high-speed sweep

  • The Lightest Spectrum Analyzer in Its Class at 8kg (Max.)

    The U3661 has a main unit mass of 9kg or less (without battery), easily portable for a microwave spectrum analyzer with a measurement frequency range from 9kHz to 26.5GHz.

  • Battery Provides 1.5 Hours of Operation. Three Power Sources to Choose From

    The U3661 operates not only on 100/200 VAC power but also on +10 to +16 VDC external power or on the battery pack; threeway power supply. It is designed to operate in any power source environment. The battery pack can be easily attached/ removed by a one-touch operation and rapidly recharged in one hour. It allows approximately 1.5 hour continuous operation on a full recharge, enabling logistically wide-ranging operation such as maintenance/installation work.

  • High-stability Measurement by Means of Synthesized Local Oscillator

    Synthesizing of a local oscillator enables measuring the transmission
    characteristics (ACP, OBW) of narrow-band radio communication facilities.
    The sideband noise, -105 dBc/Hz or less, achieves the best performance in its class, enabling high-accuracy measurements even in field use.

  • 50 Micros High-speed Sweep Function

    In Zero Span mode (fixed tuning mode without frequency sweep), the sweep time can be set up to 50 Micros. This makes it possible to observe TDMA waveforms for GSM, PDC and PHS, and to perform detailed analysis through magnified display of rising and falling burst waveforms.

  • Variety of Measurement Functions

    1Hz resolution counter, occupied frequency bandwidth, adjacent- channel leakage power, AM/FM audio monitoring, AM modulation measurement, dB down measurement, gated sweep.

OPT.20 High-stability reference source
OPT.72 Frequency tuning function by channel input, TV video/audio demodulation function
  • Fabricantes: Advantest
  • Modelo: U3661-20-72
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