General Test Set : Anritsu Option-MT8852B-40

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Anritsu Option-MT8852B-40
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Bluetooth Test Set with no EDR and no Audio

Anritsu understands the requirements of the manufacturers of Bluetooth modules. The MT8852B is a highly targeted instrument that has been designed to offer Bluetooth test capability in a compact, economical and easy to operate package.
  • MT8852B-01 = Rack mount kit, single unit
  • MT8852B-03 = Rack mount kit, side by side
  • MT8852B-14 = Headset and Hands-free profile emulator software
  • MT8852B-15 = Adaptive frequency hopping option
  • MT8852B-17 = IQ data output
  • MT8852B-27 = Bluetooth low energy measurements
  • MT8852B-40 = Bluetooth Test Set with no EDR and no Audio
  • MT8852B-41 = Bluetooth Test Set with no EDR and with Audio
  • MT8852B-42 = Bluetooth Test Set with EDR and no Audio
  • MT8852B-43 = Bluetooth low energy measurements only
  • MX885201B = BlueSuite Pro3 software application
    • Fabricantes: Anritsu
    • Modelo: Option-MT8852B-40
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