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Eagle Eye SLB-24-36-300 DAC
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Eagle Eyes SLB-Series SMART Constant Current DC Load Banks are designed for acceptance testing, discharge testing, battery capacity testing, battery maintenance, engineering examination and other testing for DC power with load. The SMART technology allows a constant current discharge without the need for manual adjustment of current during the discharge test. Our SLB-Series load banks are portable, durable, economic, safe, easy-to-use and come complete with our DataView software, providing the user with a complete data management and analysis program.

The SLB-Series has over 35 standard models allowing it to meet your system's requirements in a variety of industries. Standard DC Voltages (nominal) include: 12, 24, 36, 48, 80, 125, 240, 380, 480 VDC. Current ranges are 0-600 Amp. Two load banks can connect in parallel for a larger discharge range. Custom solutions are also available. Supported industries include utilities, telecommunications, UPS, motive power, transportation, CATV, and many more.

Eagle Eye's SMART SLB-Series come standard with monitoring of the system during discharge - as well as four (4) conditions to automatically stop the test. Optional DAC package allows the voltage of EACH CELL to be wirelessly recorded and displayed during discharge. The DAC package allows the user to evaluate the health of each cell and replace only the cells that require replacement - saving time and money by significantly reducing labor hours and replacement costs.
  • Fabricantes: Eagle Eye
  • Modelo: SLB-24-36-300 DAC
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