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Hioki SM7810-20
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Super Megohm Meter (220V)

Hioki SM-7810-20 measuring instruments that optimize testing of multi-layer ceramic capacitors used in mobile phones and other electronic devices. With 8 measurement channels twice the number of previous models and a 6.8 ms measurement time that ranks as the fastest in the industry, the SM7810 Series promise to dramatically streamline production line testing.

Advanced Features
  • Industry-best 6.8 ms measurement time for faster testing
  • The SM7810 Series speeds leak current testing on MLCC production lines by 30% compared to previous designs, posting an industry-best measurement time of just 6.8 ms (including all instrument operation from contact check to pass/fail judgment). Faster testing means dramatically shorter testing times and improved efficiency.

  • Simultaneous measurement of 8 channels for faster testing times and more efficient use of space
  • Where previous models offered 4 channels of measurement capability, the SM7810 Series delivers 8, increasing the number of MLCCs that can be tested at once and boosting efficiency. Since fewer installed units are required to test a given application, less space is needed when embedding the SM7810 or SM7810-20 in automated MLCC sorting equipment.

  • High-current range (1 mA) for high-speed pass/fail judgment of high-capacity MLCCs
  • Thanks to its high-current 1 mA range, the SM7810 Series can make pass/fail judgments for high-capacity MLCCs at a high rate of speed.

  • Contact check function for improved reliability
  • The SM7810 Super M Ohm HiTESTER series can perform contact check during high-speed measurement in order to help prevent erroneous test results caused by incomplete contact between the measurement probes and the target workpiece. This capability allows the instrument to deliver more reliable results.
  • Fabricantes: Hioki
  • Modelo: SM7810-20
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