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High Accuracy AC/DC Power Hi-Tester

The 3390 POWER ANALYZER, which was launched by HIOKI in March 2009, has been embraced by customers as a high-precision power meter. By adding the new 3390-10 to its line of power meters, HIOKI is moving to satisfy demand for even higher-precision measurement.

Demand for electrical equipment for applications in energy conservation and alternative energy development efforts, including solar panels, electric vehicles, motors, and inverters, has reached an all-time high. Engineers developing products for this market segment find themselves faced with the need to achieve efficiency improvements in the order of 0.1%. Since the 3390-10 delivers measurement accuracy of up to +/-0.1% when used in combination with certain pass-through current sensors (CT6862-10, CT6863-10, and 9709-10), the new instrument is deal for use in the development of energy-saving products.

Furthermore, the above accuracy (up to +/-0.1%) applies to all measurement ranges. Whereas the 3390s accuracy varies with the range, the 3390-10 delivers the same accuracy for all ranges so that customers can make measurements without concerning themselves with range-induced accuracy variations. Additionally, the 3390-10 features a 12-month period of guaranteed accuracy, compared to 6 months for the 3390.

Maximizing the Efficiency of Energy Conversion
  • Super precise +/-0.1% accuracy model to meet the demanding needs of today
  • Switch from one range to another and still maintain the same +/-0.1% accuracy on all ranges
  • Guaranteed accuracy period is extended another 6 months from the basic Model 3390 (other functions remain the same)
  • Advanced motor analysis functions (measures the electric angle and supports vector control)
  • High-speed harmonic analysis function (50 ms data refresh rate)
  • Noise analysis function for inverters (using FFT analysis technology)
  • Inverter power measurement with the convenience of clamp on sensors
  • Fabricantes: Hioki
  • Modelo: 3390-10
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