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Anritsu MD8430A
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LTE Signaling Tester

Wireless devices are quickly developing into multimedia smartphones with fast data connections due to widespread adoption of high-speed standards such as LTE. The MD8430A Signalling Tester is a key LTE base station simulator for developing LTE-compliant chipsets and wireless devices. Using its extensive experience in 3G markets, Anritsu has developed the MD8430A as a powerful LTE protocol/R&D test solution to help developers bring LTE wireless devices to market as fast as possible.

  • Early support for 3GPP FDD and TDD LTE standards
  • One MD8430A support 2x2 MIMO Intra-RAT handover with >100M downlink and >50M uplink speeds
  • Inter-RAT tests making effective use of previous MD8480C (UTRAN/GERAN), and MD8470A (CDMA2000) hardware investments
  • Optimized investment with test capability from R&D to protocol conformance testing
  • Full development and analysis toolset cuts L1, L2, and L3 Test case development time and costs
  • Fabricantes: Anritsu
  • Modelo: MD8430A
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