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Tektronix MSO72004
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Tektronix MSO72004 20GHz 4 / 16CH Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

  • 20XL 100 Msamples/Ch
  • DDRA Ddr Memory Technology Analysis Package
  • DSA Dpo Opts 2xl, Asm,Dja, Mth, Pth1
  • DVI Dvi Compliance Testing
  • ET3 Ethernet Compliance Testing
  • FBD Fbdimm Compliance Module For R
  • HT3 Hdmi Compliance Testing
  • IBA Infiniband Compliance Module For Rte
  • LT Waveform Limit Testing
  • MTH Communication Mask Testing
  • PCE Pci Express Compliance Module
  • PTD Protocol Decode
  • PTH Serial Protocol Trigger And Decode For Dpo70000
  • PWR Power Measurement And Analysis
  • RTE Serial Compliance And Analysis Software
  • SLA Serial Data Link Analysis Advanced (Includes Equalization)
  • STU Serial Pattern Triggering Up To 6.25gb/S For Dsa70000b
  • SVE Models Only
  • SVM Upgrade For Signalvu Essentials - Vector Signal Analysis
  • SVP Software For Dpo/Dsa70404, Dpo/Dsa70604
  • USB3 Dpo/Dsa70804 Oscilloscopes
  • UWB Signalvu General Purpose Modulation Analysis. Requires Option Sve, Svem, Sveh Or Sveu Signalvu Pulse - Advance Signal Analysis (Including Pulse Measurements). Requires Option Sve, Svem, Sveh Or Sveu Usb 3.0 Tx Essentials Ultra Wideband Analysis Software Option
    • Fabricantes: Tektronix
    • Modelo: MSO72004
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