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Boonton 4532 Dual Channel RF Power Meter Dual Channel, GPIB, RS-232, 10 kHz - 40 GHz Probes are Required and Sold Separately

The Boonton 4530 Series RF power meters combine the accuracy of a laboratory-grade instrument with the speed required for production test. They employ proprietary measurement techniques that accurately measure digitally-modulated signals. Whether you're measuring CW power or the peak power of w-cdma or hdtv signals, the Boonton single-channel Model 4531 and dual-channel Model 4532 are the logical choice for high volume production test. The 4530 is more than a simple RF power meter. It measures CW power, peak power, voltage, and performs statistical power analysis (cdf and pdf) as well. The 4530 is compatible with a wide variety of Boonton RF power and voltage sensors, from coaxial dual-diode types, to thermal sensors, for measurements up to 40 GHz. Sensor set-up is easy and accurate too, since calibration and set-up data are automatically downloaded from the sensor, as soon as it's plugged in.

The 4530 provides seamless CW power measurement over its broad dynamic range without the interruptions and non-linearities caused by range changes required by lesser power meters. Our thermal and peak-power sensors never need range switching, and even our CW diode sensors with 90 dB dynamic range?use only two widely overlapping ranges.

Future Perfect
The 4530 measures the precise peak and average power of today's complex digitally-modulated carriers. Modulation bandwidths up to 20 MHz are within the range of the 4530, which makes it a good choice for measuring cdma, w-cdma, cdma2000, tdma, gsm, gsm-edge, gprs, ofdm, hdtv, and umts. The 4530 displays periodic and pulse waveforms in graphical format, and a host of automatic measurements characterize the time and power profiles of the pulse. Powerful triggering, effective sampling rates up to 50 MSamples/sec. and programmable cursors give you instantaneous power measurements at precise time delays from the pulse edge. With an internal or external trigger you can perform time-gated or power-gated peak and average power measurements as well. Triggering can be synchronous or asynchronous. Display can be adjusted to pre-trigger or post-trigger to view any portion of the waveform..
  • Fabricantes: Boonton
  • Modelo: 4532
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