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Test Pattern Generator

The TPG20 provides a complete source digitally synthesised still & moving mathematically correct test patterns.

The Kudos TPG20 is a standard, format and hardware independent, programmable test pattern image generator. It can be instantly configured to supply ultra-precise test images with no drift or approximation in all current standards and formats as will as current and future standards and formats such as 16:9 and PALplus.

The TPG20 programmability means that the user can define custom patterns/images to aid in-depth analysis of new technology. There are more than 500 resident signals in the unit. It is the ideal tool for today's complex environments where it is necessary to assess technically, calibrate and quality-check increasingly complex new technologies such as deigital VTRs, compression engines, aspect ratio converters and sophisticated decoders.

  • 10-Bit Resolution on Three Independent Channels
  • Analog Composite, Y/C, YPbPr and GBR Outputs
  • 13.5 MHz Sampling Rate
  • Fully Genlockable
  • 500 Standard Patterns
  • Patterns Available in All Broadcast Standards and Formats
  • Line-Based Patterns, Frame-Based Patterns, Moving Patterns and Real Pictures

  • 1M Delete PAL & SECAM add PAL-M and PAL-N
  • 2M Delete NTSC and SECAM add PAL-M & PAL-N
    • Fabricantes: Tektronix
    • Modelo: TPG20
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