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Rohde Schwarz NRVD
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NRVD functions like two independent NRVS power meters in one enclosure performing simultaneous measurements and exchanging data with each other. The two channels can be set separately so that two completely different measurements can be carried out at the same time. The two measured values can also be related to each other for readout of reflection coefficient, SWR or return loss, for instance.


  • Two independent channels performing simultaneous measurements
  • LC display with variable backlighting, separate digital readout for each channel, bargraph indicator
  • Menu-guided operation with softkeys
  • IEC/IEEE-bus interface (optionally SCPI or compatible with URV5)
  • Entry of reference values for level and attenuation
  • 13 digital filters for noise suppression, automatic or manual filter selection
  • Storage of 20 complete instrument setups
  • Input/output option with DC frequency input, analog outputs, trigger input, ready output
  • Large variety of intelligent sensors: plug and play
  • Rear connectors for sensors
  • Sensor check source


  • Fabricantes: Rohde Schwarz
  • Modelo: NRVD
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