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Sartech ARG5410-MKII
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SARTECH ARG5410-MKII Handheld Sarsat Beacon Tester

The ARG 5410 MkII hand-held receiver provides accurate, independant checks of the correct operation of COSPAS/SARSAT distress beacons, such as EPIRB, ELT and PLB.

It can be connected directly through a suitable attenuator, or will recieve the radiated signal using it's own antenna. Radiated tests should be carried out using the beacons own self-test mode, if provided, or a screened room or enclosure, such as the Sartech FC2 or QRT-101.

The 5410 MkII comes complete with user friendly software, designed to guide the operator through the test procedures, with received signals decoded into plain English.

Messages are time-tagged and stored, and can be viewed on the internal LCD display. Alternatively, by using the serial data output, data can be downloaded to a printer or PC.

ARG5410 MkII meets and exceeds the following IMO requirements for test equipment for annual testing and shore-based maintenance of EPIRBS:

  • SOLAS Chapter IV, paragraph 15.9
  • MSC Circular 1039
  • MSC Circular 1040

Product Features

  • New version of industry standard tester
  • Works with all beacons - radiated or 50ohm connection
  • Fully decodes all message protocols
  • Measures power and frequency at 406MHz
  • Measures power and gives audible indication of 121.5MHz homing signal
  • Stores and time tags 30 messages
  • Integral rechargeable battery
  • Integral serial output to PC or printer
  • Flash programmable memory allows easy user upgrades (free downloads from this website)
  • Optional PC software creates message database and prints test certificates for IMO annual maintenance and shore-based maintenance (MSC Circ. 1039/1040)
  • Comes complete with splash-proof padded carry case, universal mains charger, serial cable, user manual, and 2-year calibration certificate
  • Fabricantes: Sartech
  • Modelo: ARG5410-MKII
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