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Chroma 6408 Programmable AC Source
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Programmable AC Source 800VA

  • Lowest cost programmable AC source
  • Designed for bench or ATE applications require line and frequency variations
  • 0-300VAC/45-1KHz/up to 9KVA single and three phase

Chroma's 6400 Series is designed for bench top and automated system applications requiring variations in line voltages and frequencies are a low cost. The 6400 series includes two voltage ranges (0-150VAC & 0-300VAC) as well as precision read backs for RMS voltage, RMS current, true power, frequency, and peak current crest factor.

6408-1 = Programmable AC Source 800VA (Input Rating: 90-132V)
6408-2 = Programmable AC Source 800VA (Input Rating: 180-250V)
  • Fabricantes: Chroma
  • Modelo: 6408
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