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Agilent N5980A
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Agilent/HP N5980A 3.125 Gb/s Manufacturing Serial BERT for Electrical and Optical Devices

The Agilent N5980A 3.125 Gb/s Manufacturing Serial BERT (Bit Error Ratio Tester) enables transceiver manufacturing test at one-third the price of the existing N4906B BERT. It also has twice the maximum test throughput with independent electrical and optical (SFP plug-ins) interfaces. Combined with the reduction in price, it reduces the cost of test by a factor of six.

In addition, the N5980A is six times smaller in size, which conserves valuable space, further lowering the cost of test and making it especially attractive for low-cost, high-throughput manufacturing test applications, such as gigabit transceiver manufacturing.
  • Fabricantes: Agilent
  • Modelo: N5980A
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