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Advanced Fiber Solutions AF-TBX61-MM
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Advanced Fiber Solutions AF-TBX61-MM

The TBX61MM toolbox from Advanced Fiber Solutions has everything needed to be a complete package for the installer or the technician. The TBX61MM kit contains the tools to terminate and polish SC, ST or FC connectors, a 200x microscope for inspecting fibers, an OM220 series power meter and an OS420 source for testing loss through multimode cables.

TBX61MM Package Contents:
AD100 (Universal 2.5mm)
SmartWare V3.00
CBL100 (OM-2xx to Serial Cable)
CBL200 (Serial to USB Cable)
Product Manual
Calibration Certificate
Trim Tool
Alco Wipe(x4)
Safety Glasses
Armored Tube Cutter
Fiber Optic Stripper
Buffer Tube Stripper
Rotary Cable Stripper
Crimp Tool
Needle Nose Pliers
Polishing Plate
Polishing Puck
Polishing Pad
Kevlar Scissors
FCT100 (Continuity Tester)
MSP200XP (Microscope)

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  • Fabricantes: Advanced Fiber Solutions
  • Modelo: AF-TBX61-MM
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