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Associated Research 7650
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HypotULTRA® III, model 7650, is a 3-in-1 dielectric analyzer with an enhanced graphic LCD and analog bar graph. HypotULTRA® III provides AC/DC Hipot and Insulation Resistance testing. In addition, through the 2K Ohm test mode, it is able to perform point-to-point continuity and hipot tests at voltages up to 5,000 volts with one set of test connections. It can be used as a bench top instrument or as a PC controlled system used in tandem with our stand alone Autoware® control software. It is well suited for automated hipot testing needs. Extended test capability is provided with the optional 4 or 8 port built-in scanning matrix and the 2K Ohm continuity test mode. The ability to perform multiple tests with a single connection will increase production and efficiency while saving time and money. The enhanced graphic greatly simplifies the user interface and makes testing safer, easier and more reliable than ever before.

  • Fabricantes: Associated Research
  • Modelo: 7650
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