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Anritsu MP1650A
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0.05 to 3 GHz, Pulse Pattern Generator

Product Description:

Anritsu MP1650A 0.05 to 3 GHz, Pulse Pattern Generator
Low FM/PM-noise Clock Generato
Generates 512 KB prog.Patterns
Generates PRBS Patterns
8:1 Multiplexer Operation
Complementary Data & Clock Outpu
Connector: Precision N-type
Data length: 524288 bits
Rise/fall time: 80 ps
Performance Characteristics of the MP1650A
Form Factor Benchtop
Type Pattern
Number of Channels 8 ch
Maximum Frequency 3 GHz
Frequency Accuracy 0.001 %
Minimum Pulse Width 3 ns
Maximum Output Voltage 2 V
Output Data Format NRZ
Output Data Memory/Channel 512 KB
Output Impedance 50 Ohm
Programmability/Connectivity of the MP1650A
User Interface Proprietary
Ports to Peripheral Devices GPIB
Data Storage Type FDD,HDD
  • Fabricantes: Anritsu
  • Modelo: MP1650A
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