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Rohde Schwarz TS9980
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Test System R&S TS9980 has been designed for automatic measurement of the electromagnetic susceptibility of sound broadcast and TV receivers to EN 55020 and CISPR 20 standards. More than 60 systems have been sold worldwide!

It covers the following measurements:

  • immunity to input interference (S1)

  • immunity to RFI voltages (S2a)

  • immunity to RFI currents (S2b)

  • immunity to radiated interference (S3)

  • shielding effectiveness (S4)



    Automatic and objective picture assessment of CRT, TFT monitors, VCR and other

    As part of ongoing technical development, system solutions for satellite receivers as well as DVB receivers and Set-Top-Boxes have been implemented. The system can be used for EMC approvals as well as for development measurements and batch testing.

    The growth in communications via terrestrial and satellite links and the frequency crowding in cable networks may affect reception quality. Comprehensive EMS tests are used to verify the capability of receivers to operate satisfactorily even under adverse conditions. Since these tests are highly complex and involve a large number of single measurements, they are carried out with automatic test systems. Test System R&S TS9980 is available in three versions to cater for different products and applications.

    • Fabricantes: Rohde Schwarz
    • Modelo: TS9980
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