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Rohde Schwarz FSU67
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The R&S FSU67 is the first spectrum analyzer with a direct frequency range to 67 GHz and fundamental mixing. It allows measurements to 67 GHz without using cumbersome setups with external mixers.

This results in:

  • Simplified test set-ups with just one connection from 20 Hz to 67 GHz
  • Full span sweep of 67 GHz
  • Unambiguous frequency indication without the image response and multiple responses known from external harmonic mixers
  • Wider level range with a much higher allowable reference level than with harmonic mixers
  • Good level accuracy to 67 GHz
  • Low noise floor: -152 dBm (1 Hz) at 2 GHz, -130 dBm (1 Hz) at 65 GHz
  • Fabricantes: Rohde Schwarz
  • Modelo: FSU67
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