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Fluke 6100A
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Electrical Power Standard Master Unit

This Electrical Power Standard is a unique product designed to address the needs of measurement verification and calibration for those people engaged in the demanding task of making measurements on electrical power systems.

It has been designed to provide comprehensive functionality, together with superior accuracy for the widest range of power measurements possible.

This unit is a configurable system and may be configured by the user to operate with one, two, three or four independent phases by the addition of this auxiliary units.

Key Points:

* Frequency range from 0.011Hz TO 5MHz
* Minimum pulse width of 60ns
* Input low level maximum of 1V
* Input high level minimum of 3V
* Frequency accuracy of ( 50ppm + 107nHz )
* Sink current of 150mA maximum

  • Fabricantes: Fluke
  • Modelo: 6100A
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