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Agilent E6432A
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The Keysight E6432A is a three-slot register-based VXI microwave synthesizer that delivers 10 MHz to 20 GHz signals. Signals can be CW or modulated with AM, FM, pulse, or I and Q vectors. Optimized for system use, the VXI form factor and register based design make the E6432A ideal for system integrators who want a fast, flexible signal source to act as a local oscillator or signal stimulus within an automated environment.

The VXI Plug&Play driver is your assurance that the E6432A conforms to the VXI standard and will integrate into your custom, VEE or LabView system software.

Key features include: 3-slot VXI register-based design 10 MHz to 20 GHz frequency range -90 to +20 dBm output power 1 Hz tuning resolution < 400 s frequency switching time AM, FM and pulse modulators standard Optional I/Q modulator for digital modulation up to 40 MHz bandwidth. System optimized hardware and software interfaces.

  • 002 - Enhanced Frequency Modulation
  • 1E1 - Add 70 dB Step Attenuator
  • 300 - Add IF upconversion
  • UNF - Add High Output Power (+20 dBm) 2-20 GHz
  • UNG - Add I/Q Modulator, cannot co-exist with Opt. 002
  • UNH - Improved Spectral Purity (10 MHz to 2 GHz)
  • Fabricantes: Agilent
  • Modelo: E6432A
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