Signal Generators : Rohde Schwarz SMR50

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Rohde Schwarz SMR50
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The R&S SMR family comprises six base models designed as CW generators with pulse modulation capability. The six models have a common lower frequency limit of 1 GHz and provide frequency coverage up to 20 GHz (R&S SMR20), 27 GHz (R&S SMR27), 30 GHz (R&S SMR30), 40 GHz (R&S SMR40), 50 GHz (R&S SMR50) and 60 GHz (R&S SMR60). The lower limit can be expanded to 10 MHz by the optional Frequency Extension 0.01 GHz to 1 GHz (R&S SMR-B11).
  • Fabricantes: Rohde Schwarz
  • Modelo: SMR50
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