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Rohde Schwarz FSMR26
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Measuring Receiver 20 Hz to 26.5 GHz

The Measuring Receiver R&S FSMR is a one-box solution for calibrating RF-level and analog modulation parameters of signal generators as well as attenuation.

Functions combined in one instrument:

  • High precision level calibrator

  • Modulation Analyzer for AM/FM/PM

  • Audio Analyzer with THD and SINAD

  • Support for NRP power sensors for absolute power measurements

  • High-performance spectrum analyzer

    Functions and properties tailored to the needs of calibration labs:

  • Very high level stability over time
  • Easy-to-use, with complete operation control from the R&S FSMR front panel

  • Traceable calibration
  • Documented calibration procedure
  • Specifications equal to or exceeding the HP 8902 with option 050



    R&S FSMR3 Measuring Receiver 20 Hz to 3.6 GHz

    R&S FSMR26 Measuring Receiver 20 Hz to 26.5 GHz

    R&S FSMR43 Measuring Receiver 20 Hz to 43 GHz

    R&S FSMR50 Measuring Receiver 20 Hz to 50 GHz
    • Fabricantes: Rohde Schwarz
    • Modelo: FSMR26
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