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Astro-Med DASH-8U
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The Dash 8 series recorders feature a built-in, 10.4-inch color monitor that adds another dimension to chart recording. Signals may be displayed in realtime on the monitor, saving chart paper during recorder setup. And to make data even easier to interpret, the Dash 8 allows you to make each channel a different color.

There are two powerful models to choose from. The Dash 8n offers isolated inputs up to 250 VRMS, build-in offset adjustment and an almost unlimited number of full scale selections, giving you the versatility you need for almost any voltage recording. The Dash 8u has flexible universal inputs making your connection even easier. From single ended and differential voltage to thermocouple (J, K, E, T) and DC bridge inputs, the Dash 8u allows you to connect almost any signal without external conditioning. The Dash 8u also supports optional input modules for RTD, isolated high voltage and frequency to voltage.
  • Fabricantes: Astro med
  • Modelo: DASH-8U
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