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Anritsu MG3696A
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The MG3690A Series is a broadband high performance signal generator that covers RF and microwave frequencies from 0.1 Hz to 65 GHz in a single instrument. For mmW frequencies, the MG3690A's coverage can be extended up to 110 GHz or beyond, with external multipliers.The MG3690A family is extremely configurable to meet your exact need, minimizing your initial investment. It is also very adaptable with a comprehensive list of upgrades for your future needs. Furthermore, since the MG3690A can be customized for specific applications. The MG3690A is backed with a complete 3-year warranty, which comes as a standard feature.The MG3690A offers all the capabilities of a high-end microwave generator at the highest performance level.

It leverages the technology-leading phase noise performance of its predecessor, the 69C series. It offers outstanding output power with the lowest spectral purity content. Frequency can be swept digitally or via an analog ramp sweep. A CW frequency could be phase offset or locked within an external phase lock loop. Amplitude, Frequency, Phase, and Pulse modulations are available externally or internally-driven. An external software package simplifies the use of these modulations simultaneously, and allows the down-loading of user-defined modulation waveforms. For IQ modulation, the IF input option allows the easy up-conversion of an externally IQ-modulated RF signal.

  • MG3691A 2 to 8.4 GHz
  • MG3692A 2 to 20 GHz
  • MG3693A 2 to 30 GHz
  • MG3694A 2 to 40 GHz
  • MG3695A 2 to 50 GHz
  • MG3696A 2 to 65 GHz
  • Resolution - 0.01 Hz
  • Phase Offset - 0.1 dB steps
  • RF Frequency Coverage Extension, down to 0.1 Hz
  • Best solution for dual RF and Microwave applications
  • An optional down-converter covers 10 MHz to 2 GHz
  • An optional DDS offers additional coverage to 0.1 Hz
  • Excellent Phase Noise performance as standard
  • Add optional ultra low phase noise > 2 GHz
  • Add an optional digital down-converter for:
  • Lowest Phase Noise RF source from 10 MHz to 2.2 GHz
  • < 130 dBc/Hz @ 1 GHz, 10 kHz offset
      • Fabricantes: Anritsu
      • Modelo: MG3696A
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