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Advantest Q8341
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The Advantest Q8341 is an optical spectrum analyzer for visible radiation with a wavelength range of 350 nm to 1000 nm. Because it uses a Fourier spectrum system with a Michelson interferometer, the Q8341 can measure coherence. With its narrow wavelength resolution of 0.01 nm*, the Q8341 is very effective for the evaluation of not only CD/DVD laser diodes, but also for blue-violet laser diodes. In addition, the built-in He-Ne laser acts as a wavelength reference to ensure a high wavelength measurement accuracy of 0.01nm*. Finally, with its fast 0.5 s* measurement speed, the Q8341 is ideal for evaluating temperature characteristics of system components.

- Coherence measurement resolution: 0.001 mm .
- Wavelength resolution (at 650 nm): 0.05 nm (standard), 0.01 nm (option). The measured resolution of the peak wavelength is 0.001 nm.
- Wavelength measurement accuracy:0.05 nm (standard), 0.01 nm (option).
- Max. input level: 10 dBm.
- Max. Coherence measurement length: Approx. 10 mm (standard), Approx. 40 mm (option) .
- Wavelength measurement range: 350 to 1000 nm .
- Small and lightweight.
  • Fabricantes: Advantest
  • Modelo: Q8341
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