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Advantest R3273
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The Advantest R3273 are high-performance spectrum analyzers 100Hz to 26.5GHz designed to meet these needs. The R3273 features a frequency span accuracy +/-0.2(typ.) and a dynamic range of -145 dBc/Hz (typ.) in the 2 GHz band to allow accurate, repeatable measurements for high-quality digital signals. Its 1 Hz to 10 MHz resolution band with filter and ability to perform a 70 dB (typ., at 5 MHz offset) ACP measurement on W-CDMA makes it ideal for testing of wide band sig-nals. With a frequency range from 26.5 GHz, theR3273 allow comprehensive measure-ments of even high frequency systems.

The digital modulation analysis option offers one-button testing of modulation parameters for communication systems including PHS, PDC, IS-136, DECT, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, IS-95, cdma2000, Bluetooth as well as W-CDMA (3GPP).

The R3273 provides excellent value with its combination of spectrum and optional modulation analyzer, so that it can be used with applications ranging from research and development of communication devices and modules, to pro-duction line and deployment testing of communication infrastructure equipment. The R3273: a new family of analyzers to test today's, and tomorrow's communication systems.

OPT.01 = Digital Modulation Analysis Hardware
OPT.02 = Memory Card Drive (swapped with floppy disk drive)
OPT.08 = Rx Control (for R3560/3561/3562)
OPT.10 = High-Accuracy Power Measurement (for PDC-BS)
OPT.11 = High-Accuracy Power Measurement (for 3GPP-BS)
OPT.12 = High-Accuracy Power Measurement (for cdma2000-BS)
OPT.16 = External mixer (26.5GHz to 40GHz)
OPT.17 = External mixer (40GHz to 60GHz)
OPT.21 = High-stability Frequency Reference Source (5 x 10-9/day)
OPT.22 = High-stability Frequency Reference Source (3 x 10-10/day)
OPT.23 = Rubidium Frequency Reference Source (1 x 10-10/month)
OPT.25 = Reference Converter
OPT.61 = CdmaOne Analysis Software
OPT.62 = W-CDMA/3GPP Analysis Software
OPT.63 = GSM//DECT/EDGE Analysis Software
OPT.64 = PDC/PHS/IS-136 Analysis Software
OPT.65 = Cdma2000 Analysis Software
OPT.66 = Bluetooth Analysis Software
OPT.67 = 1xED-DO(HDR) Analysis Software
OPT.73 = AMPS/JTACS/NTACS Analysis Software
OPT.74 = Tracking generator (with attenuator)

  • Fabricantes: Advantest
  • Modelo: R3273
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