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Fluke 5720A-03
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Fluke 5720A/03 Calibrator

The 5720A is a five-function calibrator designed to address the most demanding electrical calibration workload. It sources direct and alternating voltage and current and resistance. A wideband voltage option extends overall ac bandwidth to 10 Hz to 30 MHz to cover to RF voltmeters. The 5720A is compatible with the 5725A, and 5205A/5215A amplifiers.

The 5720A features Artifact Calibration. Only three artifact standards -- a 10V dc reference and 1 and 10 k resistance references are required to calibrate all ranges and functions to full specifications. Front panel instructions prompt the operator to make connections and inputs each step of the way. The calibrator controls the process, which takes only about an hour, compared to several hours using traditional methods.

Option 03 = Provides Wideband AC Voltage
  • Fabricantes: Fluke
  • Modelo: 5720A-03
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