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HIOKI 3535
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The Hioki 3535 LCR HiTESTER measures across the broad frequency range of 100kHz to 120MHz. The 6ms high-speed measurement capability is particularly useful with the built in comparator, load functions and BIN (classification) measurements. Achieve measurement flexibility by detaching the head amp unit fromt he main unit and placking it in proximity to the test object so as to minimize the effect of test leads on measurements.


  • Broad Frequency Measurement Range
  • 6ms Minimum Measurement Time
  • 14 Parameter Types
  • Detachable Head Lamp (Not Included)
  • Adjust For Conditions While Measuring
  • Store Measurement Data
  • Zoom Display
  • Optional Printer Output (9442)
  • BIN (Classification) Measurement
  • Continuous Measurements
  • Load Compensation Function
  • Correlation Compensation Function
  • Simultaneously Measure Up To 4 Parameters

    See Spec Sheet for Additional Information
    • Fabricantes: Hioki
    • Modelo: 3535
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