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Rohde Schwarz FSEK30
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FSEA, FSEB, FSEM and FSEK are advanced, high-speed and high-performance analyzers tailored to the requirements of modern digital communication systems. They can also be used as general-purpose analyzers for many applications. High measurement speed, modular design and excellent technical features make for an excellent price/performance ratio.

In addition to measurement functions for digital communication systems, such as 2 ms sweep time in ZERO SPAN mode, pretrigger and trigger delay, gated sweep and adjacentchannel power measurement, these spectrum analyzers feature a wide dynamic range, a very low measurement uncertainty of 1 dB and a lownoise synthesizer.

FSE analyzers have low inherent noise and a wide dynamic range, so that for instance measurement of GSM power ramps is no problem.

An extremely wide intermodulationfree dynamic range of 110 dB (with 10 Hz resolution bandwidth) ensures reliable measurements on highly linear amplifiers as well as correct analysis of broadband complex signals.

From the available frequency ranges, the basic models 20 and the high-performance models 30 the right instrument can be chosen for every application. Models 20 can easily be upgraded to give the full range of functions of models 30.

To ensure correct measurement of time variants or pulse-modulated signals, the FSE features digital resolution filters (10 Hz to 1 kHz) with a response corresponding to that of analog filters. It additionally provides FFT bandwidths down to 1 Hz (models 30).
  • Fabricantes: Rohde Schwarz
  • Modelo: FSEK30
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